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I am reading A.J. Jacobs’ The Know-It-All : One Man’s Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World. It’s very good.
I stole it.
Anywho, there is an entry called the Etruscan Language. Apparently the Etruscans (from Etruscanzania) came up with a way of writing where they interchanged the direction of their printing.
Here, it’s best [...]

Best Week Ever posted this video from Misheard Lyrics Guy, where he attempts to decipher the lyrics to PJ’s “Yellow Ledbetter.”
Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Shout out to Pop Candy for the original post although damn if I can find it!

So says this guy.
Next up for GM, the more compact and stylish Anal.

DIE ACTOR DIE was chosen as something cool to do in the City Paper’s Ultimate Fun Guide:

(Just goes to show, adding a site to your blogroll pays off. Hear that Huffington Post?)
I appreciate the mention; every little bit helps. However, we are not a troupe, we are me and I am the host. [...]

First, don’t live in Philadelphia.
Dick Cavett has some other thoughts (NYTimes Select subscription required).
Money shot:
It took Bob Hope’s longtime head writer, Mort Lachman, to put into words a thing I had only sensed. “Comedy [...]