Jesse Thorn is the host of the excellent The Sound of Young America, a radio show/feed/podcast about things that are awesome. What does he consider awesome? How’s this for a sample: Patton Oswalt, Scott Dikkers, Bob Odenkirk, Human Giant, Paul Feig, Anne Beats, Neal Pollack, Zach Galifinakis, Peedi Crack, and Michael Cera just to name a few. For a complete list, check out his archives.

Why do I think he’s awesome? Because his show is awesome (see the above roster of guests)! His show is always Fresh Air Weekend (the version that rarely has to do with politics or, you know, serious stuff). More people should be listening to it, especially people who happen to read this blog.

Well, Public Radio International just picked him up for distribution (ironically PRI also distributes A Prairie Home Companion which Jesse apparently hates with the intensity of a thousand suns – Ed. Note: hyperbole mine).

I think that’s pretty cool and well deserved. And awesome.

(CORRECTION: Public Radio International doesn’t distribute A Prairie Home Companion; American Public Media does. PRI distributes This American Life, The World, and Studio 360. Who told me this? Jesse Thorn! See? Awesome.)

TSOYA is available in free ready to eat podiments on iTunes, at, and thanks to the PRI deal on XM Satellite radio (Saturdays at 3 PM) and soon on a terrestrial radio near you (he has a few other shows, which aren’t as appealing to me as TSOYA, except maybe the Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast – more on them later).

Give his show a listen. He’ll send you an email saying “Thanks.” And that my friends is awesome.

  1. After reading this I ran straight over and hit up the archives for the Peedi Crack interview. By far, I think he’s one of the most versatile rappers from Philadelphia. That said, he really does obtain a broad cross section of Americana and that’s why it’s awesome. Thanks for sharing, now he’s gotten another listener/supporter. :)

  2. Thanks so much for the mention! I appreciate your kind words.

    FYI: Public Radio International doesn’t actually distribute APHC, it’s distributed by American Public Media (formerly Minnesota Public Radio). PRI’s biggest shows are probably This American Life, The World, and Studio 360.

  3. dieactordie

    I stand corrected, Jesse. Sorry ’bout that.

    See people! Awesome.

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