I will be on vacation for the next week. I am hoping to finish editing the video from this week’s show and get it on-line. In the meantime, here are some cool things to check out over the course of my absence. Don’t do them all at once or you’ll have nothing to read later!

Saturday – Here’s a cool interview w/ Michael Moore in the NYTimes by A.O. Scott. Interestingly enough, Mr. Scott was one of the first MySpace friends of DIE ACTOR DIE house band, Rowan & Hastings!

Sunday – Another cool interview with Patton Oswalt in, yes, this weeks’ Sunday NYTimes.

Monday – NPR is reaching out young hip kids like you and me, well me 10 years ago. It’s called Fair Game with Faith Salie and it’s a great way to while away an hour by catching up on current events, listening to comedians crack wise and hearing new music. Plus Ms. Salie is quite the looker! Oh and she’s smart. Really smart; like Harvard magna cum laude smart.

Tuesday – Ok, enough already. Go to iTunes and subscribe to Doug Benson’s I LOVE MOVIES podcast. Download all of the episodes, sit back and laugh you ass off. If you are not a Paul F. Tompkins fan by the time you’re done then I don’t have anything else for you. If you hate Apple and all things Apple for some reason then you can download the podcasts here.

Wednesday – It’s Zach Galifinaki-Wednesday! Here’s the trailer for his new DVD, LIVE AT THE PURPLE ONION

Thursday – Let’s see, what’s going on in the world of pop culture? Hey, I know – go check out Best Week Ever. They get paid to make jokes about the news and things culture-y. And they’re really good at it.

Friday – You know you want it! Just buy it. You’ll be soooooo glad you did.

SaturdayNot the Nine O’Clock News was a BBC sketch show during the 80’s. It was great mix of silly sketches and topical, often biting humor. It featured Rowan Atkinson, Mel Harris, Gryph Rhys Jones and Pamela Stephenson (who eventually ended up at SNL for a season; the excellent Billy Crystal, Martin Short, Chris Guest, Harry Shearer season and proceeded to do nothing while she was there. It’s not her fault, she’s very good, it’s just she was probably overshadowed by the heavyweights in the cast). It’s been released on DVD as a “Best of” compilation (it’s also available on Netflix). Here is a great parody on the whole Monty Python LIFE OF BRIAN controversy. They nail it!

See you in a week!

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