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This is my buddy Barry Lank, a very funny comedian in New York. He used to write for Air America before he was let go due to “nobody was listening reasons.” He turned up on My Everything and has been doing awesome work. Like this:

You can see more of his videos [...]

Jeff Bridges on The Big Lebowski in The Guardian.
One of my favorite scenes:

Maude: “The story is ludicrous. You can only imagine where it goes from here.”
Dude: “He fixes the cable?”
Thanks PopCandy.

It is shows like this that make me excited about the direction comedy shows are taking and bummed I don’t live in LA or NY.
Thanks to the Coming.

This is TOO COOL of a story. Someone in the Bush Administration gets the joke.
I am definitely watching tonight!
Muchos thankos BWE (this makes up for Chocolate Rain)!

Hypno-toads rejoice!