During the last DIE ACTOR DIE, I got into a conversation with one of the judges over what a “douche chill” was. Apparently this excellent piece of nomenclature is unknown by the general masses.

Tis a shame for it is a beautiful word and most descriptive.

I did my best to communicate it’s meaning (i.e. hearing your parents having sex) but it was still not quite conveyed.

According to the Urban Dictionary:

  Douche Chill

1. A feeling of strong embarrasement for and verbal or physical act someone else has preformed.

1-a . Feeling the need to look away from an embarrasing moment on TV.

1-b. The experience you receive when your coworker allways says the wrong thing in an attempt to be funny.

2- Also reffered to as a D.C., so as not to offend the person making the akward comment or statement.

A: Watching Taylor Hicks attempt to kick over a microphone stand on american idol, I shivered as a douche chill washed over me.

B: The feeling received from viewing any of the MTV reality shows.

Listen to any Gary Garver interview on Stern and you’ve probably experienced a douche chill. But nothing is quite as douche chilly as the following collection of clips. Watch the clip between Tom Selleck and Rosie O’Donnell (around 4 minutes). That feeling you get in the stomach the moves up your back and physically makes you shrink away in embarrassment is a douche chill.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joe!!!

Thanks to BWE.

  1. Alex

    That is my new favorite word!

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