Yesterday was the Live Earth Concert but you’d have to be blind, deaf and dead not to know that. Personally I don’t dig on those concerts, there’s always so much crappy acts and speeches to get through until you get the likes of The Police or whomever else was playing Giants Stadium.

However, my friends Ron and Kevin LOVE these types of concerts and hit them whenever they can. In fact they made their way down front (a skill Ron used when we were younger and continues to use to great effect) and ended up in some publicity shots:


Ron is the guy in the white shirt on the far right looking down.

And TV coverage.


That’s Ron, again in the white shirt and Kevin in the baseball cap on the left.

Ironic Fact # 1: Neither of them believe in Global Warming. In fact, they are both conservative. However, there they are big music fans and have no problem spending money on tickets that will go to help the Green Cause if they get to see Bon Jovi and KT Tunstall?

Ironic Fact #2: They drove there. As did a few other thousand people. Some people flew. In jets.

Ironic Fact #3: Ron is in a picture with Alec Baldwin who called his daughter a “pig.” Ron likes to eat bacon and watch 30 ROCK.

Ironic Fact #4:  Kevin is a doctor and he refuses to treat the sickest patient of all: Mother Earth. Oh and once shot a policeman in a drug sting. Get it?

I make fun of them, but Kevin and Ron are good guys — two of the nicest guys I know. They have loving families, give to charity and are very smart. They have differing opinions than I do. I just happen to be right.

I do believe in Global Warming and understand it’s impossible to stop burning fossil fuels overnight. A lifestyle change of this magnitude takes time and effort. However, the more the message can be hammered home, the more the possibility arises that something might be done about it.

Now I must go and burn some old carbon I have lying around.

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