…I got your Simpsons right here!

Actually VANITY FAIR has them. (Figures! I subscribed to VF for 5 years and as soon as I cancel my subscription they come out with a great freakin’ issue. In the movie COMMANDO, Arnold Schwarzenegger is attacked by two soldiers. One he elbows in the nose; the other gets a circular saw blade in HIS FACE. I am that second man.)

Anyhoo, in anticipation of THE SIMPSONS MOVIE coming out this month, VF has 3 pretty good pieces on the show and they are available on line for your time killing pleasure.

1. An oral history of the show (I love oral…histories): The Simpsons’ Family Values.

2. A Q&A with Conan O’Brien: A Q&A With Conan O’Brien.

3. The requisite Top 10 episode list that they almost get right (no Homer the Great, aka the Stonecutter’s episode, is a crime): Springfield’s Best.

What’s your favorite episode? Hit the comment box and let me know.

If you want to pick up the VF issue it’s the one with Shia LaBoeuf on the cover. (Shia’s on the cover too! Damn I hate my life!)

Thanks to The Apiary for the links.

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