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One thing that has always bothered me is the inherent animosity from some stand-ups, both professional and up-and-comers, towards improvisers. It never really made sense to me since they are both essentially comedians. Maybe stand-ups don’t respect “making it up as you go along” when they take great pains to get the wording of a [...]

Well deserved!
It is amazing how fast his star has risen.
And fallen.

First Paul McCartney and now Joni Mitchell.
Who’s next, Senior McGee and the Centrums?
Via Starbucks Gossip.

Chocolate Rain

Just sit back and let the chocolate rain o’er you.

Thanks BWE?

I have been a fan of this show since it premiered a month or so ago on HBO. Its dry humor and catchy songs make it a nice change of pace from the too-hip-hop-over-the-top Entourage (and yet I can’t stop watching that show. It’s like pizza. Or crack. Or even better: pizza-heroin!)
Anyway, I was watching [...]