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TV Squad has this fun piece on spinoffs they’d like to see. I can see any of these being a mid-season replacement. ANY OF THEM!
What’s that tell ya?

I am a new father. My daughter is just under 14 months old. Being a Dad is an amazing and rewarding and bizarre experience, especially since I have not accepted the fact that I myself am 36 (I still believe I am 17 but much, much cooler than I actually was at 17).

So when I [...]

Zach on Human Giant’s 24 Hour MTV Special.

The British David Cross is bad boy:
A husband and wife who admitted a benefits swindle involving more than £2,300 will be sentenced by magistrates next month.
David Cross, 45, and Michelle Cross, 40, pleaded guilty at Didcot Magistrates’ Court to failing to declare a change in circumstance and making a false statement when applying for benefits.
What’s [...]

If I may get political for a moment:
Bill Clinton rips the GOP a new one!
He’s so good in this video, I’d blow him.