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I was scouring Google Reader for interesting items and came across the phrase “real genius,” which reminded me of one of my favorite movies from the 80s: BETTER OFF DEAD.
No wait. It’s REAL GENIUS.
As far as quotable 80s movies go, this has to be right up there with CADDYSHACK, FLETCH, GHOSTBUSTERS and the aforementioned B.O.D. [...]

Really! I am not shittin’ you.

It’s the Very Best of Mick Jagger! Featuring all of your favorite non-Rolling Stones Mick Jagger hits like…um…um…hold on…uh…hmm… oh “Dancin’ in the Streets” with David Bowie…from 1985. That’s…kinda…like the…best?
Get it eventually!!

Trolling around the web tonight while listening to a new zencast in iTunes (this episode is titled “Saying Yes” but so far it’s just “Saying New Age Guitar”), I found this awesome tidbit over at CC Insider:
The four original Comedians of Comedy: Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford and Zach Galafiniakis have a new DVD [...]

The internet is all abuzz-ter with how good/bad the Family Guy STAR WARS episode was Sunday night (I liked it a lot and I am not a Family Guy fan).
But as genius/sucky as it may have been, it is not the first nor last STAR WARS pardoy out there.
I therefore give you Donnie and Marie’s  [...]