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For the last two years I have been a writer on the annual holiday show THIS IS THE WEEK THAT IS, produced by my friends at 1812 Productions. The show is a live theater piece combining political satire and a theatrical history lesson of said political satire. The whole second act of the show is [...]

I always thought Melora Hardin (aka “Jan” from The Office) was kind of hot, sexy and sultry.

Turns out I was right!

“All we ever wanted to do was entertain the nice people!”
Mr. Show at one of it’s finest moments!

This is from Meg and Rob.
Who is Meg and Rob?
Check ‘em out!

Meg is a fellow Philly comedy-type person. She came to the last DIE ACTOR DIE and introduced herself. I dig her stuff. Check out her site. She’s as much a comedy nerd as the rest of us.

But he excels at Guitar Hero II! For real.
Money Shot:
Later that week we were going to play Guitar Hero II (which Bob excels at by the way – for real)
All this according to David Cross.