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Jesse got to interview Stephen Colbert as part of Apple’s new “Meet the Author” series.
They were nice enough to record it and put it on iTunes.
Good for you Jesse! I love seeing this guy get bigger and bigger.

Nice piece on the UCB Theater and Human Giant in the New York Times.
Money shot:
In many ways, New York’s thriving improv culture resembles Chicago’s, but with one critical difference: Here, amateur comics can reasonably hope that their next onstage impersonation of a hypochondriac hamster might land them a job on television. And as more and [...]

Seeing them at the TLA here in Philly tonight!

I’ll report later…

…it’s about the characters.
I don’t think I am enlightening anyone who does sketch, but I forget it every once in a while. I try to come up with a new concept, when I could be working with John or Kevin who do really great characters. It’s great when you can marry excellent writing with funny [...]

I forgot…

Via The Movie Blog.