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One of the things that a good blogger does is keep his blog up-to-date. You see when you start a blog you are making a pact with your audience: I will blog for you, my humble readership, every day upon pain of no longer being relevant. I do this because I know that blogs are [...]

Zach moments from CoC: The Series

Ask David How!

I loved Cheap Seats. I came into it a bit late in the game but I was instantly a fan. Now it’s gone
Thanks SoGood.

I pitched the following joke as a news item for the 1812 show I am working on:
The wife of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has filed for divorce. According to court documents, Linda Bollea accused Terry Hogan, the former wrestler and “Hulkamaniac” of being mentally Hulkabusive and emotionally Hulkadistant. “Mr. Hogan has no comment and requests [...]

This is the Blooper Reel that was supposed to be on the season 4 DVD…but was NOT (on the season 4 DVD)!
See Jay Johnston continually mess up his lines!!!
Watch Bob’s masterful direction in helping Jay get through his lines!!!
See David break as Jay tries to get his lines right!!!
It’s all here!!!
Part 1