I pitched the following joke as a news item for the 1812 show I am working on:

The wife of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has filed for divorce. According to court documents, Linda Bollea accused Terry Hogan, the former wrestler and “Hulkamaniac” of being mentally Hulkabusive and emotionally Hulkadistant. “Mr. Hogan has no comment and requests his privacy,” said Mr. Hogan’s lawyer, Rowdy Roddy Epstein.

No one got it.

I thought it was very good.

Now granted, most of them were not familiar with the Hulkster when he was a wrestler, so maybe the whole play on the “Hulkamaniac” thing is lost on them. But I still think it’s a funny joke.

Is it just me?

  1. I love it. Especially the thought of his lawyer in a kilt. And his wife could in turn hire Nico-law Volkoff! Perhaps too much?

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