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Words of wisdom:

Comedy is a cruel mistress, but a lovely wife. It requires commitment, and a willingness to do the heavy lifting. Perret asks how you can expect to get paid for writing unless you are already writing as though you were getting paid. He outlines a likely future for the emerging writer of writing for free [...]

Producers will do anything to break the strike!

Thanks BWE.
If you liked that, try this.

Magazines and Entertainment programs always refer to Madonna as “the former Material Girl.” This has gotten a tad old and predictable and we can’t let magazines and Entertainment programs become predictable. Here are some other names they can use to describe her:
“the former girl who used to have sex with Warren Beatty”
“the never actress”
“the author…Hahahahahahaha!!!! [...]

The first time I saw this sketch I think I stopped breathing, I was laughing so hard. On the DVD Commentary, David says this got the biggest audience reaction after Titannica.

Today DIE ACTOR DIE had 199 visitors, the most ever, bask in her comedic nerdy glow. Pretty cool.
And today, Comedy Central Insider removed DIE ACTOR DIE from its list of Funny Sites. Pretty opposite of cool.
Yes, I still link to them because I am the bigger blog…morally. They dwarf me in terms of readership, revenue [...]