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A quick post over the holiday:
Never tease someone when they are high. Especially when they are Super High!

Thanks The Blog Your Mother Warned You About.
As a big DB fan (yeah I call him DB – it stands for Doug Benson. It also stands for Da Bomb, Douche Bag, Douche Benson and [...]

Their first DVD, The Oozing Skull, is up for sale on their website.
Not sure if you want to buy it? Check out the trailer!

Every other nerd comedy blog, media source and news site has reported this story so this is nothing new or breaking, but I would feel empty if I didn’t post it.
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert return to Comedy Central on January 7th. 
Not sure how they are going to do their shows without their writers, which [...]

I kid the AV Club.
We all love reading year end “Best of” lists. Now you can hear the Best of Music and Film according to The Onion’s AV Club, thanks to Jesse Thorn and The Sound of Young America.

Because we could use a little Hoff-mas, right this very minute.