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I am not going to pretend I know even HALF of these references. Now if they mentioned Atari 2600’s Adventure

or Colecovision’s Donkey Kong,

I’d be nerddin’ out! And revealing how incredibly old I am!
Regardless, Gamervision is my buddy Sean’s website (it’s like MySpace or Facebook but for gaming [...]

In case you didn’t know.

Here’s an extended interview with the very funny comedian and host of Super Deluxe’s All My Exes, Chelsea Peretti for The Sound of Young America blog.
Read between the (phone) lines: “I would go into ecstasy when a lady scolded me,” he was quoted as saying by Jiji Press.
The actress who played an 11-year old [...]

LOST returns for a 4th season tonight.
I am totally opening myself up to another season of bizarre characters, frustration and semi-answered questions. I have enough of that with the Presidential Debates. Hiyoooo!
If it can maintain the tone (can’t) and energy (won’t) of the season 3 finale, I will be a very happy lad (little girl). [...]

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