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James Ingram
Michael MacDonald
Jimmy Buffett
Kenny Loggins
A personality changing crotch laser
Murderous mayhem
A special guest star as Kevin Bacon!
Yacht Rock (the best online series ever) is Back!
My day is complete.
Someone give these guys a show! Oh, wait. Someone did. 

Is Michael Showalter a deep thinker? Yes, but also no. Is Michael Showalter the “Billy Joel of Comedy?” Yes, but only because he also married Christie Brinkley. Is this a good interview? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean I know what I am talking about.

Kent Haines doing an awesome job at DIE ACTOR DIE in January. Thanks to Dave over at Comic vs. Audience for taping and posting.
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A nerd that totally schooled this other nerd in Star Trek technobabble.
Factoid: Wil turned me onto Wilco, and I will always be indebted to him.

Don’t fuck with Monkey Counsel!

There are rumors that the strike will be over within the next two weeks (rumor via The Howard Stern Show via Cindy Adams column via Satan). That will be very good news for everyone involved.
I will miss all of these awesome strike videos though…
T’anks BWE.