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The LA Times has the what-what.
Money shot:
“We do like to put things in the show that are, for lack of a better term, TiVo jokes — things that you would have to rewind and pause, things that kind of pay off on more than one viewing. I’ve had a lot people say that things go [...]

How much you want to bet The Bob liked it?
Money shot:
He was unlike anyone else I have met. I can’t really put it into words, but in a big way Howard has done so with this book. Because he just told the story. This great, crazy story. I wonder if you will agree after you [...]

But Punchline Magazine’s got stand-up’s back!

Then Alex Blagg wrestles UFC Champ “Rampage”!

It’s gettin’ crazy up in here!!!!!
I gotta go.

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And has been doing so (quietly) since 2004.
The man is a class act all the way.