I love how the person who posted this says on YouTube says “we caught Pauly Shore who was obviously on drugs.” Yeah, you caught him after Pauly called you up, said “hey I got this good idea of how to be in the spotlight for a few more minutes,” drove over to his house with your camera gear, chose the best “average” location, set him up perfectly lit and mic’d and then let him “rant.”This is about as real as the time he got punched out on stage and it was all caught on tape…probably shot by the same dude who shot this. I don’t buy it for a second. How much you want to bet, he has a DVD coming out soon called “Natural Born Komic”?Let’s see if this gets any more traction other than the blogosphere.

Thanks To CCInsider.


  1. Lin Wood

    hahahha. i still laugh my ass off watching this.
    I also enjoyed morons filling the internet with these dumb ass rantings about a joke turning out to be….a joke.
    if you didnt get the “race” video when you watched it then you simply dont know Pauly Shore enough.

  2. You make it sound like not “knowing Pauly Shore enough” is a bad thing.

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