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The Banana Stand hits The Apple Store.

All 3 seasons, all 53 episodes.
Maybe that movie will happen after all…

You know, I talk about comedians doing smart comedy a lot. I think it is more difficult because it challenges the audience to think and participate (it’s more “go with me” as opposed to “did you ever notice”), therefore it is more satisfying when executed well. I respect the effort to rise above simpler humor. [...]

Hey, I don’t judge her. I do too.
See what I mean in Punchline’s interview with her.
Monet shot:
Do you think the contemporary comedy scene is in a good place?
It’s been pretty consistent. There’s always stand-up that’s less to my taste and stand-up that’s more to my taste like Patton and Zach. There’s always going to [...]

See the footage here:

Thanks TDD.

And the Comic’s Comic was there.
Wish I was
It’s shows like these that really excite me as to the potential of live comedy. It is so not just about stand-up or sketch or even improv, it’s about being entertaining and clever. So I might disagree with Rob when he said we are not in [...]