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The next Oprah (I’ll let you interpret that how you will).
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Because that’s what you do when you play at that college paper’s college (sorry… I couldn’t think of a wittier comment).
Money shot:
UR: So for your stand up, where do you get your ideas for jokes?
BP: At this point it’s everything. A lot of my act now is real stories and me sort of telling [...]

With savings!
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I love that Paul is steadily growing in popularity. It is well deserved! BWE turned the tables / camera / spotlight / something-or-other on their panelist for a fun interview.
Money shot:
BWE: Yay! Recording artist, comedian, movie star…
PFT: Movie star?
BWE: You’ve been in a lot of movies.
PFT: I wouldn’t call myself a movie star, though.
BWE: I [...]

“The Master Simpsons Writer” has written some books.