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The Danger Room is sentient???
Man I gotta start reading comic books again!
Photo by Dunechaser

more about “Who are you in <em>Sex & the City</em>?“, posted with vodpod
A funny sketch by Jordan Morris, “Boy Detective” of Jordan, Jesse GO! Not a huge fan of that podcast (unlike the rabid fan of TSOYA that I am – does that sentence make sense?) but Jordan’s definitely got chops. (Remember: it’s all about [...]

I can’t speak much to his work on The Carol Burnett Show (I am too young to remember that – that felt good to type), but his performance in Blazing Saddles is one of the best comedic performances in movies. He was an amazing straight man.

They’re sailing the seas of smiles on a gentle breeze of rock!
And coming to New York, Minneapolis, Detroit and Muskegon Michigan.
But not Philly…ohh Yacht Rock; we watched UnacceptableTV!

Videogum has the details.

Photo by Singapore National Day; Fireworks by Starmaker!’s photostream

It’s not real, but it’s brilliant!!! I fucking love it!
The website has exceeded it’s bandwidth already. How often to you see that these days?