The great Dave Hill is in Philly tonight to give the commencement address at “St. Beyonce State University” as part of BEDTIME STORIES: Crash Into You, True Stories of an American College.

Philly Improv Theater (PHIT) sat down for two questions with Dave over email. I have cut and pasted them here (AUTHOR’S NOTE: Ha Ha!):

You’re giving the St. Beyonce graduation speech at Bedtime Stories — anything you can tell us about that?
It’s going to be incredible. That’s all I can really say about it right now, mostly because I am still figuring out exactly what I’m gonna do. But I promise I will touch a lot of people with my performance. Also, I plan on touching a lot of people that night in general since I tend to be all hands. That is a play on words. See how I did that? That is just a taste of the kind of magic I am going to be bringing to Philadelphia on Wednesday night. Brace yourself.

What other projects are you working on right now? Anything exciting coming up?
I am doing a few more videos for, the futuristic website. I am writing a screenplay with my friend Matt Stein that we are hoping people really, really love, especially people with money. Also, I am trying to get someone to let me back on television (I recently got the official word that my last TV show, “The King of Miami,” is totally not going to going to come back for another season). And I am recording a new album with my rock band Valley Lodge, some of which is intended for a release we are supposed to do in Japan, where we are planning on being really popular. Other than that, I am just performing and typing a lot in general. Oh, and I am working out really hard- lats, abs, delts, everything. You should see the look on people’s face when I walk into the gym. They know shit’s about to get really serious in there.

UPDATE: My buddy Dave over at Comic vs. Audience was able to wrangle a few more questions out of Dave.

Bedtime Stories is tonight a 8Pm at The Shubin Theatre, $10.

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