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After MST3K and before CINEMATIC TITANIC, Joel Hodgson and his brother Jim played with a new making-fun-of-movies format called The JollyFilter, where they took older movies, added CGI elements and created new, jolly versions. It’s like what Lucas did with the first three STAR WARS movies, only entertaining.
Here’s what Joel said on the YouTube page:
Jollyfilter [...]

Jimmy Dore is 1/3 of my new favorite weekly podcast, COMEDY AND EVERYTHING ELSE. He, Todd Glass and Jimmy’s wife/girlfriend (?) Stefané Zamorano talk about comedy, and well, everything else. (NOTE: Brilliant description Don.) It’s always interesting podding (I just coined that word), especially when they talk the business and art of comedy. Professional talking [...]

This is about a year old, but still funny. To be fair, I laugh at anything sped up to Yakety Sax. Except maybe 9/11.

Via Chris Hardwicke on Doug Benson’s I LOVE MOVIES.

I never got into ROME (the short-lived HBO miniseries). But Janeane Garofolo did! This is her at OBSESSED, Jackie Clarke and Julie Klausner’s Show from last January.

The Devil’s Advocate is my ultimate Guilty Pleasure movie. It seems Scott Tobias of The AV Club agrees with me. Nice!
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