Patton gave a commencement address at his old High School.

Of course it was awesome and thoughtful and self-depricating and dammit, pretty inspirational.

Money Shot:

Because now I understand how the miraculous, horrifying and memorable lurk everywhere.    But they’re hidden to the kind of person I was when I graduated high school.   And now – and it’s because of my traveling and living and some pretty profound mistakes along the way – they’re all laid open to me.   They’re mine for the feasting.    In the Sistine Chapel and in a Taco Bell.   In Bach’s Goldberg Variations and in the half-heard brain dead chatter of a woman on her cell phone behind me on an airplane. In Baghdad, Berlin and Sterling, Virginia.

PS I had the same skinny leather tie…from Chess King.

Via CCInsider.

Photo by Zach Klein

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