On the most recent episode of The Best Show, Tom welcomed Human Giant’s (as opposed to Human Giants) Paul Scheer and Jason Woliner to talk about their experience at Comic Con. It’s a great segment with lots of stories about the convention, celebrity sightings and the guys renting a house and getting robbed. Paul recaps the robbery experience on his blog.

Anywho, the guys were talking about celebs signing autographs at the convention when Paul mentioned that Erin Gray was there. This struck him as odd, because why is the girlfriend of the Dad from Silver Spoons at Comic Con signing autographs?

What Paul didn’t realize (or he did and was just being very witty and I missed it) was that Erin Gray is better known as Col. Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (and Lilah from Six Pack, but I creepily digress). Paul and Jason wouldn’t know that since Paul was 3 years old and Jason probably younger when it aired.

I was 8.

That makes me old.

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