Rightfully so!

This is a very good article. If you’re a Feig fan (ugh, worst aliteration ever) you should give it a read.

Money shot:

The critical success and general menschiness of “Freaks and Geeks” established for Feig (pronounced FEEG) a career in television that most Hollywood aspirants would envy. He went on to direct three films, and directed eight episodes of “Arrested Development,” three episodes of “Weeds,” eight episodes of the American version of “The Office” and an episode each of “30 Rock” and “Mad Men.” The list reads like a who’s who of cool TV shows.

Extra Money Shot:

Feig wasn’t done: “And the dog comes out and starts telling everything about his owner, like: ‘He masturbates! He masturbates constantly!’ So the dog becomes famous and the fat guy can fly, but now the dog is just outing him on everything in his life and then it kind of goes from there, and how the fat guy decides he needs to get a manager to come on board to help him get his life together.”

Feig turned from the sluggish freeway traffic to me, to see if I got it. So far, so good. And then he paused to reflect, before concluding, with absolutely no irony whatsoever, “It’s basically the story of how I met my wife.”

Ok, go read.

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