DIE ACTOR DIE is a comedy show on the 3rd Monday of every month at the famed Khyber in Old City Philadelphia. Each show features stand-up, sketch, video, music and whatever else host Don Montrey can throw up there.

Past performers include a who’s who of Philadelphia actors and comedians: Scott Greer, Pete Pryor, John Kensil, Greg Wood, Tony Lawton, John Zak, Sean Curran, Pat Barker, Johnny Goodtimes, Juliette Pryor, Gwen Rooker, Gwen Witherspoon, Dave Jadico, Chip Chantry, Pat Kelly, Eoin O’Shea, David James, Danny Ozark, Secret Pants, Steve Lippe, Lee Etzold, Betsy Herbert, David Dritsas, Damion Williams, Dave and Brian, 
The Sixth Borough, Madi Distefano, Meg and Rob, Aaron Hertzog, Kent Haines, Doogie Horner, Jared Moskowitz, Richie Redding, Anton Shuford, BAD HAIR, Dawn Falato, Brendan Kennedy, The Rickety Stares, The Pippens, Gregg Gethard, Roger Weaver, Nolan Gilbride, Rowan & Hastings, Nathan Holt, Jesse Priesendorfer, Pat House, Tanesha Ford, Animosity Pierre, Jason Stockdale & Mike Worth, Kevin Dougherty and Barry Lank. (Yes, THAT Barry Lank!)

DIE ACTOR DIE is also a daily blog where Don Montrey posts stuff he finds funny. But you know that because you’re here already.

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