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Finally, physical evidence of how fugly Fergie really is AND how hot some guys transitively think Carrot Top is. C’mon people!!!
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In which he acts all Alec Baldwin-y.
Money shot:
He found the browser and went to “I love this. Isn’t this great? Couldn’t you just sit and do this all day? I’m looking for ‘Ultimate Chopin.’ What could be more worthy than that? Ah! The complete collection of Rachmaninoff. Complete recordings!” His face darkened and a [...]

Ok, maybe not that bad…

Let the Batman Parodies BEGIN!
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more about “Does Batman Have Insurance?“, posted with vodpod

Remember Alf? Well, he’s back…in Outtakes Form!

Paul Scheer’s Notes on ALF. Sad really, both the notes and that he had to do research on this show called “ALF.”
And to get even sadder, here’s what happened to Max Wright, aka “Willie.”
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