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Oh, it’s officially on!
Who owns the domain? This dude. So does this guy.
Via Goldenfiddle

Yesterday I made a snarky post about SNL posthumously “realizing” that George Carlin was indeed a great comedian and rebroadcasting his first and only appearance as Host.
Thing is, it wasn’t his only appearance, he appeared again in 1984 w/ Frankie Goes to Hollywood as musical guest. (Thanks to Todd at Dead-Frog for setting me [...]

Are you sure?

When rumors abound, it always best to go to the source – Patton’s blog.
CC Insider also comments.
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Dan Hopper over at BWE captures my frustrations over the abundance of must-see-appointment-cant-miss-it-or-you-are-a-loser TV.
Money shot:
I Season Pass like a mofo, but there’s only so many hours in an earthly day, and DVR ain’t Narnia.
Still, for every “The Wire” I miss, I have a “Battlestar Galacticca” I am addicted to, so I think it all [...]