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At least videowise:

I have always had an issue with Top Comedians on MySpace and YouTube and Best of lists like the incredibly bogus MyFox Philly Hot List because they are based on unsupervised audience input (see above video). So basically you can get all of your friends to vote and you [...]

One of my jobs as a writer on 1812’s THIS IS THE WEEK THAT IS, is to write a “rant” for actor Scott Greer. It was our opportunity to take a political topic and spin it into absurdity. Last year we did a piece called “Rewordening.” It went over pretty well.
This year we decided to [...]

I pitched the following joke as a news item for the 1812 show I am working on:
The wife of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has filed for divorce. According to court documents, Linda Bollea accused Terry Hogan, the former wrestler and “Hulkamaniac” of being mentally Hulkabusive and emotionally Hulkadistant. “Mr. Hogan has no comment and requests [...]

Today DIE ACTOR DIE had 199 visitors, the most ever, bask in her comedic nerdy glow. Pretty cool.
And today, Comedy Central Insider removed DIE ACTOR DIE from its list of Funny Sites. Pretty opposite of cool.
Yes, I still link to them because I am the bigger blog…morally. They dwarf me in terms of readership, revenue [...]

Still waiting to hear. Wish me luck!