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Live-Blogging the Democratic National Convention While Baking Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies
Money shot:

8:05 Tonight is all about Hillary Clinton and making sure my eggs are room temperature before I try to whip them!

Don’s Interactive Map of Philadelphia
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As I get older and we grow closer, I feel it is important to pass on my history and knowledge of Philadelphia to you, my blog reading children (or “blogren”). I first considered an exhaustive 10-volume series meticulously researched, expertly illustrated and cleverly written by me over the next 30 [...]

Case in point:

Now, all I think about when I see Skittles is “yuuuuughhh!”
Videogum delves even further.

A few weeks ago, I posted my experiences with Orangina’s French marketing campaign, which uses wildlife as “sexy things.” Well, they didn’t stop with print ads:

Yes, the panda has fake boobies.

Exclusive! I Am Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential Candidate
Money shot:
The question that keeps running through my head is: “why me?” Why am I, a balding 37-year-old father and husband with no political background, a degree in Theatre Arts, and an addiction to Project Runway the Democratic nominee for Vice-President?
I don’t know.