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I don’t know, there is something about this that I like. It’s very TIM & ERIC with a lot of “F*cks!” thrown in. Patton Oswalt is a fan, so much so that he is hosting a screening of Cars (1:20RT), Cars II (1:09RT) and Cars III (349:00RT) in LA.

Why can’t I live in LA?

Oh that’s right, because my wife and daughter live here.

Not only does it have Scott and Patton…
Not only do they geek out about The Dark Knight…
Not only did Doug say they were going to start taping two shows a month…
Not only… oh, that was it. Great episode this week!

Think you can guess the movie based on a letter from the poster?
Like this:

Bring it on punk!

The LA Times has a series on Bill Maher and his new movie Religulous.
Money shot:
On how he got people to talk to him: “It was simple: We never, ever, used my name. We never told anybody it was me who was going to do the interviews. We even had a fake title for the film. [...]