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Don’s Interactive Map of Philadelphia
Money shot:
As I get older and we grow closer, I feel it is important to pass on my history and knowledge of Philadelphia to you, my blog reading children (or “blogren”). I first considered an exhaustive 10-volume series meticulously researched, expertly illustrated and cleverly written by me over the next 30 [...]

The Mysteries of South Philadelphia
Money Shot:
Mystery #2: The House Where It is Always a Holiday.
In the middle of the 300 block of Federal Street sits an ordinary house that does not follow the temporal rules of our universe. It is here that holidays are celebrated non-stop. This is evidenced by the complex decorations that consistently [...]

Secret Pants did this bit at DIE ACTOR DIE a few months ago and I thought it was inspired. Taking it to the street is even more so.

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Hey we’re back!
Meg & Rob are something of a phenomenon here in Philly. They came on the scene last year, somehwat sneaking into it via the Fringe. I met Meg at DIE ACTOR DIE and after seeing their Dinner w/ Mischa Barton video, asked them to come out and do a set. They have been [...]

Larry Mendte Returns to Stand-up