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This past April, my beautiful wife, Kathleen took me to Paris as part two of our Honeymoon. (Part one of our Honeymoon was cut short by her being in Nursing School and my arraignment. Just kidding! I had already been charged.)
Needless to say, Paris was incroyable! I had the best meal of my life, rode [...]

Comedian/Actor/Writer/TV Watcher Steve Agee of THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM and numerous Channel 101 gigs is also a Photog.

Don vs. Cognac

It’s on!

It’s over.

I just wanted to look French!!!
Maybe I should have read this first.

Featuring Me as Glenn!!!!
(oh, and David Dritsas as Hipster)
From Bedtime Stories presents: Cocaine Sex Jamz, A Tribute to Hipsters. You can get a recap here. P.S. It was a great and funny show!!!
Here’s a snippet:

Glenn: Say there Mr. Hipster, I heard you work as a bartender.
Hipster: That’s right Mr. Glenn.
Glenn: But I also hear you [...]

How can I not post this?
PS Yay!