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Remember Alf? Well, he’s back…in Outtakes Form!

Paul Scheer’s Notes on ALF. Sad really, both the notes and that he had to do research on this show called “ALF.”
And to get even sadder, here’s what happened to Max Wright, aka “Willie.”
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Oh, it’s officially on!
Who owns the domain? This dude. So does this guy.
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You like movies? I got yer movies right here!

I can name about 95 of them. Yeah, that’s right, 95!!!
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Take that Desslok!

Our Star Blazers!!!!
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Now middle-aged tourists can see their beloved ROCK AND ROLL memories chewed up and spit out as amusement park rides while sipping a $20 coke as Angus Young’s left shoe from AC-DC’s “Back In Black” Tour stares down at them condescendingly from a glass case.
Yes, it’s a real place.
PS The photo is a model for [...]